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Wedding Photography while Getting Ready

Your big day has arrived and you are anxiously getting ready.  Hair is being done, make-up is being applied, and the guys are busy tying their neck ties and steaming last minute wrinkles from their suits.  During this part of the day, the bride and groom do not see each other and generally don’t see some of the small details going on around them as their minds are turning at a million miles an hour. 

Part of our job as wedding photographers is to capture the moments and all the little details.  The quick glance into the mirror, the nervous laugh, the last moment adjustment perfecting a loose strand of hair.  While these wedding pictures are not the ones you would likely hang on your wall, they capture the emotion as you prepare for one of the most important days of your lives.  It also shows the preparation that your partner is going through as they also prepare to walk down the aisle and marry the love of their life.

We will generally arrive halfway through the hair and make-up appointment, which allows us to capture the finishing touches.  The early portion of the hair and make-up tend to be less glamorous and as such we focus on the later part of the session to ensure we make the bride and bridal party look their best. 

Bridesmaid getting ready for a Calgary weddingBridesmaid getting ready for a Calgary weddingBridesmaid getting ready for a Calgary wedding

We will also use this time to photograph the wedding details.  Jewellery, shoes, invitations, wedding rings, and of course, the wedding dress.   We try and place the shoes and wedding dress in positions and locations that help highlight the items but also the location of where you are.  We may do reflection shots to showcase the dress with the mountains reflecting off a window, or position the shoes in a way to show off a piece of furniture that will highlight the best features.

Wedding dress in Mexico destination weddingWedding dress in Mexico destination weddingWedding dress in a Mexico destination wedding

We recognize that having a man walking around the room while the bridal party is getting ready can be awkward.  Due to that fact, our “second shooters” are nearly exclusively female.  This ensures that we have a female second photographer with the bride and bridal party while I go with the groom and groomsmen.  We want your wedding day to be a stress free as possible and this is on our mind right from the start.

Groom getting ready for wedding dayGroom getting ready for wedding dayGroom getting ready for wedding day

To help keep everything on track, we suggest having your shoes, jewellery and wedding dress laid out so that our photographers can quickly take them and get them back quickly.  Our photographers have photographed many weddings and we have seen it all, so if there is ever a question, never hesitate to ask as we may have the answer for you.