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There are many factors that go into choosing the best photography service for your wedding day, with all the options out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  With that in mind, we wanted to offer some helpful insights to insure you have the best information possible when making your decision.


Why do you have two wedding photographers in your wedding package?

Our standard wedding package includes two photographers on your wedding day for a number of reasons.

  • With two photographers, we are able to capture the same moment from a couple different angles, for example, during the ring ceremony, we often have a photographer shooting from the audience view point, while our second shoots from behind to capture your friends and family into the photo while you are placing your wedding ring on your partner.
  • It provides a form of back-up for our photos.  Although we use top of the line photographic equipment, having multiple photographers recording the special moments, it insures that your special moments are properly captured and safely recorded on numerous cameras.
  • We use a male and a female photographer for our weddings to provide you with the best level of comfort.  During the getting ready part of your day, we will have our female photographer with the Bride and bridesmaids while the male photographer will be with the Groom and groomsmen.  This ensures there are no awkward moments as people are getting dressed and ready for the day


Don't all photographers give us our digital images? 

Many photographers actually do not give their clients the digital photos from their wedding day, instead forcing you to purchase images from them at often inflated pricing.  In some cases, photographers will provide you with digital images however they are low resolution or are watermarked so the images can not be printed other than through the photographer themselves.  We do not believe in this practice and always provide our clients with high resolution digital images with no watermarks allowing you to print your images through the lab of your choice.  Our only requirement is that our images are not altered.


What is the big deal about photography permits, licenses, and insurance? 

While it may not seem like a important factor, failure to have the proper licenses and / or permits can result in a huge problem on your wedding day.  As wedding photography is obviously considered a business, all professional photographers are required to have a valid operating license.  Failure to have this license can result in your photographer being fined and even prevented from continuing photographing your wedding by City officials.  Licenses are city specific, so even though a company may be licensed in Calgary, they would need a temporary license to work in Canmore or Banff. 

Unlike an operating license, photography permits may or may not be required and are totally location dependent.  The permits essentially state that the location owner has given the business permission to use their site for the purpose of photography and is allowing it's likeness to be shown in your photos.  The permits all have different prices and conditions associated with them.  If you have not obtained the proper permits, your photographer may be stopped from shooting and removed from the site by the site owner, representative or security officers.

Business Insurance is designed to protect the photographer and client from potential lawsuits.  People often assume there is no risk of a lawsuit resulting from a wedding however, there are may be potential risks.  During parts of the wedding day, especially the reception, there may be strobe lights raised into the air on tripods which could be knocked over striking a guest, some lighting may become hot during operation resulting in burns, along with numerous other potential hazards. 

Patton Photography is fully licensed through the City of Calgary, which includes a police background check.  When operating in locations such as Canmore and Banff, we always purchase a temporary business license allowing us to operate in the locale.  We also always confirm the need for permits at the locations we are photographing at and will advise the client of any such requirements.  We are also fully insured against liability and stolen equipment on a world coverage policy (Some obvious country exemptions apply but will advise the client if these exemptions apply).


We have heard of wedding photographers losing photos from a wedding, what protection do you have in place for this?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, with that in mind, we have several policies in place to insure that your photographs are safe.

  • The use of two photographers insures your wedding day is captured by two independent sets of equipment
  • The use of professional series equipment offers protection through the increased quality of construction and technology
  • Your wedding day is captured on multiple memory cards to insure that the maximum number of images are protected in the event of a failure of a memory card (we have never had this happen however are protected in case we do)
  • Our camera system, Canon 5D Mark III, actually records every photo to two separate memory cards so if one card becomes unusable, all images are on a back-up memory card within the camera.
  • Our editing computer is backed up to an external hard drive which is kept in a fire proof safe.
  • All edited images are kept on our external hard drive as well as on our website so that they will always be available to you should you ever lose your copy
  • Professional series cameras actually allow a photographer to take photographs without actually having a memory card in the camera, there are specific reasons for needing this option however are more related to advertising photography than weddings.  Our cameras have this feature disabled to eliminate the risk of this happening.


We are not sure if we want an engagement session, why would we have it?

Your engagement session is actually an important part of achieving great looking wedding photos.  The wedding sessions are kept relaxed and low key, we spend time coaching you through how to pose to achieve the best looks, and gets you used to being in front of the camera.  On your wedding day, things are rushed so already having a basic understanding of posing as well as being comfortable with what we are doing helps reduce the stress of the wedding day.  It is also important so that both yourselves and us get to work together ahead of time to determine the style of photos you like the best.  We will try many different styles and photography as well as different poses, this allows us, as well as yourselves, to see what works best with your vision.