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Family and Couple Wedding Photography


Now is when we can relax and have some fun creating great shots.  We will always try and get the larger family pictures done first so that we can let people go and relax prior to the reception.  People have a tendency to wander off so getting the larger group photos first is nearly always better.  We will then start doing the various family combinations, ideally getting grandparents and children done early before they start to feel run down.  We always ask our clients to provide us with a list of family combinations they would like photographs of.  This list allows us to simply call out names, position people, and take the picture.  On average, allow approximately one and a half minutes per family photo you wish to have taken. 

Calgary Wedding Formal Photograph in ParkCalgary Wedding Formal Photograph in ParkCalgary Wedding Formal Photograph in Park

From here we will generally move to a new location to take the photographs of the wedding party.  We will take photos of the groomsmen, the bridal party, individuals, and of course, the entire wedding party together. 

Calgary Wedding Groomsmen at BridgeCalgary Wedding Groomsmen at BridgeCalgary Wedding Groomsmen at Bridge

Finally, we will take the bride and groom and do your individual wedding photographs.  We generally try to visit several locations so that we can give you the widest selection of photographs and moods that we can.  We will take some photos that are soft and airy while others will have specialty lighting to create a dramatic and moody feel.  Our photographers have a wide assortment of poses that they will place you in depending on what works best for the couple and style of the photo.  Once you have been shown the pose, make it your own though and settle into the pose.  If you feel uncomfortable in a pose, you will look uncomfortable in the photo, always feel free to position yourself fin a way that helps you feel more natural.

Calgary Wedding Couple SunflareCalgary Wedding Couple SunflareCalgary Wedding Couple Sunflare

Generally, try to allow for two and a half to three hours for family and formal photographs.  The benefit of the second photographer during this point so that they will capture candid shots while the other is the primary focus.  As well, they are able to capture the same shot from a different angle and with a different style.

Calgary Wedding Bride and bridal partyCalgary Wedding Bride and bridal partyCalgary Wedding Bride and bridal party

While the weather may not fully c-operate with us, we will generally always be outside, so be prepared.  The majority of indoor wedding photo locations require us to purchase photography permits ahead of time making it difficult to simply show up the day of if we so choose.  If we know ahead of time that the weather will necessitate a move indoors, we will look after obtaining the necessary permits.  The costs associated with the permits will be discussed with the client, and if approved, the cost of these permits will be added to the wedding invoice.