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Family Photography                                                                           $195

Specializing in outdoor family photography, we have the locations and equipment to give you and your family the amazing photos that you deserve.  Allow us to take you along one of our routes that best suits your style, whether it is a soft style through one of our local parks or more of an urban look through the downtown core. 

We also have the ability to set-up our lighting systems at an indoor location as well, such as your home or place of work.  Whether we are incorporating your home, an office, hockey rink, or even an aircraft hanger, we can adapt to meet your needs and have the ability to make your vision come through.

Our style of outdoor photography offers the client a wide variety of photos including various backdrops as well as softer and more dramatic lighting styles.


Please Note:  For family photography sessions requiring the full studio set-up, we charge an additional $50 and require approximately 30 minutes prior and after the shoot to set-up and calibrate all the equipment.  Additional time is also required for the photo editing.

Included in all family photography sessions is the one hour photo shoot, a private on-line photo gallery, a digital download of all the fully edited photos, and full access to our entire product catalog so you can feature your photographs on any of many products.