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Your Wedding Ceremony

The time has arrived, while you anxiously await for the ceremony to start, our photographers are busy photographing the wedding venue details, your guests and talking with your wedding officiant to ensure that we abide by requirements that they may have.  Over the years, we have developed a great working relationship with many officiants.  Our photographers never want to draw the attention away from the bride and groom, so we do not use strobe flashes during the ceremony, use telephoto lenses to capture the close-up details without being right up front, and position ourselves to limit movement as much as possible. 

Photography at a Canmore Wedding CeremonyPhotography at a Canmore Wedding Ceremony Photography at a Canmore Wedding Ceremony

Using a variety of lenses, our photographers will balance the photographs so that while one is shooting wide angle, the second is shooting close-up.  This gives our clients the best possible shots while limiting how distracting it could quickly become having one photographer running between positions trying to capture all the pctures.

It is important for our clients to talk to their officiant ahead of time in regards to any special rules they may have for photographers.  While many simply ask the photographers to ‘not shoot over their shoulders’ there are some who do not permit photography during the ceremony.  While we have only run into this a couple times, finding this out five minutes prior to the ceremony is never a good feeling. 

Bride and Groom at Springbank weddingBride and Groom at Springbank weddingBride and groom at a Springbank wedding

We always remind our clients as well, when placing the rings on your partners finger, ensure that the photographers can see the ring.  Try holding it with only two fingers, holding it with more can block the view of the camera and your shots will suffer.  Also try to maintain 15 – 20 foot separation between wedding party couple so that we can get clear shots of everyone.  If everyone bunches up, we will get a great shot of the bride and groom and one shoulder of everyone else as they pass.