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Wedding Reception Photography


This is when we will capture the majority of the candid shots of you and your guests.  As people mingle among each other, share a story and laugh, and have a dance or two, we will be there to quietly capture all the special moments. 

Photograph of Calgary Wedding Couple SpeechPhotograph of Calgary Wedding Couple ReceptionPhotograph of Calgary Wedding Couple Reception

Our photographers will be in position to capture the speeches and toasts while also getting the reaction photos of the wedding party.  The little tear or laugh are all images that you will look back on remembering the special day.  As the night progresses, we will use a combination of lighting techniques to capture your first dance as a married couple.   With the two photographers capturing the moments, we have the ability to present you with photos with both a soft romantic feel as well as some that are more dramatically lit. 

Calgary Wedding Speech during ReceptionCalgary Wedding SpeechCalgary Wedding Speech during Reception

During the reception, it is important to have a timeline in place to ensure that all aspects of the reception are kept on track.  We always work with the emcee to help ensure that timelines are met and should any adjustments be needed, that we are there to offer suggestions to get you the best photographer service we can offer.   During the reception, your photographers will require short periods of time to relocate and recalibrate lighting equipment between speeches. cake cutting, dance, etc.  To get the best possible photos, ensure you have 5 minute periods between important aspects to ensure that your vendors are set and ready to go.

Photograph of Calgary Wedding First DanceCalgary Wedding First DanceCalgary Wedding First Dance

Generally, we see the greatest impact on timeline occurring during the speeches.  Speeches that are scheduled to last five minutes each can drift into twenty minutes.  It is important that each person giving a speech, or telling a story, etc is aware of the time they have. 

Calgary wedding kiss during first danceCalgary Wedding Kiss during first danceCalgary wedding kiss during first dance

Our photographers also co-ordinate with the emcee so that we have a five minute warning prior to cake cutting, first dance, etc.   This allows us time to reposition lighting gear as well as set-up or cameras for the new location.  We do this behind the scenes so that there is no interuption to your day. 

Calgary Wedding Reception PartyCalgary Wedding Reception PartyCalgary Wedding Reception Party