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Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day


Whether or not you decide to go with Patton Photography as your Calgary wedding photographers, we want you to have an amazing wedding day.  For that reason we have included some information below to help ensure that you ask the correct questions and are not 'tricked' by less than ethical photographers.

Licenses, Permits, and Contracts:

Always ensure that the wedding photographer you hire has a valid license for the jurisdiction the wedding is taking place in.  Patton Photography is fully licensed within the City of Calgary, this includes a full police background check.  When working in other locations, we purchase day business licenses to cover the dates we will shooting.  These licenses are in addition to the photography fee.  

Depending on the location, a permit may also be required.  This is often associated with indoor locations such as Devonian Gardens, Calgary Zoo, Ralph Klein Center, and many others.  The cost of these permits vary from no charge to upwards of $1000 per day. 

It is always important to have the proper licenses and permits in place prior to your wedding day.  Without the permits, there is a risk of having the photography shut down and possibly fined.  The last thing you want is to have your wedding day photos ruined because of a lack of permits.  Patton Photography always utilizes the necessary permits to ensure that your wedding day photos are not impacted.

Contracts are an integral part of the wedding day service.  The contracts are their to protect both the photographer as well as the client.  It is important to ensure that all the details, even what should be obvious, such as your photos, are included in the contract details.  We go through our contract with you to ensure that you are fully educated as to the scope of the contract and what is included with the package.

Photos in Contracts??:

Many wedding photographers actually do not give you copies of your digital files, or when they do, they are low resolution watermarked versions.  This forces you to purchase the high resolution CD, if available, sometimes at an additional cost of thousands of dollars.  Many times, you actually can not purchase the high resolution images from the photographer, forcing you to purchase all your prints from the photographer themselves.

We always provide digital copies of your wedding photographs in high resolution non-watermarked format for you to print through your favorite lab, as well as a smaller internet version (the internet versions are watermarked to prevent theft) for you to email or post online.  We feel that you are paying for the photos, not just for having us attend your wedding.

Who are 'We'?:

Patton Photography uses only professional photographers with experience in the wedding industry.  David Patton is the main photographer with seven years photographing families, babies, weddings, and even vehicles and jets.  I have trained through the New York Institute of Photography as a professional photographer, I do several training courses a year with concentrations on wedding photography, post processing, and posing.

We have several second shooters, with Florian being our main 'second shooter'.  Florian is PHENOMENAL and has an amazing shooting style.  Florian has her own photography business in Calgary as well so treats every wedding and every client as one of her own. 

We always utilize two photographers for weddings.  This allows us to capture all the best shots, from several angles and even different styles.  While one photographer is photographing the bride walking down the aisle, the other is photographing the groom's reaction to seeing the bride for the first time.   By having a female and a male photographer, we can ensure that a female photographer is with the bridal party while they get ready and a male is with the groomsmen.  This prevents any awkward moments and lets the clients get ready without any extra stress.